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Dog-Friendly Fur Dyeing is Available!


Safe fur dyeing for your dog!


Why dye your dog's fur?

Because it’s fun and dog’s just wanna have fun! It doesn’t even have to be a special holiday to give your dog a new look, but if you’re celebrating a special occasion or holiday with your furry friend, you may want to add some color to a cool mohawk or the tip of a tail for a little head-turning fun!

Your pet's safety is important!

The one rule to remember when using any products on your dog, is that human products are not made to be used on pets. We also know that we need to ensure your dog is relaxed and not showing any signs of distress when coloring their hair so that we don’t create a negative association. We only use dog-friendly, long-lasting fur dyeing color to bring out bright, fashionable and unique colors for your pet in our safe, cage-free environment.

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