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Welcome to Gulf Beaches Grooming!

We're so glad you're here!

We are a cage-free, stress-free pet grooming service. We treat your pet like our own. Your pet receives individual service and care, according to your needs.

At your appointment, your pet is guaranteed special care and treatment. Since we see one pet at a time, you are assured one-on-one attention to alleviate stress.

All of our services are provided by hand, and absolutely no cage drying takes place in our shop.

We want the absolute best for your pet. Please click here for our policies.

Cute Bunny

Our Story

Jeff was an apprentice for a master groomer and has over ten years of hands-on grooming experience. Ruth’s background is in music education where her bands received national recognition.

Jeff and Ruth wanted to start a business based on Christian values. They believe that God loves us unconditionally, no matter what a mess we are. The same love exists in our dogs. Regardless of how our lives are going, dogs love us anyway. They are little image bearers of Gods love, like tiny lighthouses.

In 2014 Jeff and Ruth decided to start their own dog grooming business after learning about the poor treatment dogs were receiving in other grooming facilities. Being cage-free is something they are very proud of.

When Jeff and Ruth were married in 2014, in lieu of wedding gifts, they asked for investments from their friends and family to start Gulf Beaches Grooming and the rest, they say, is history.

Love Our Clients

What Our Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

They did a great job on our little silky terrier. They called the next day to make sure everything was good. Going back next month!

"Timid Dog"

My Lola is a timid dog and Jeff/Ruth were very welcoming and patient with her scared growling. Also made her look beautiful for a very reasonable price. 

"Best Groom"

Jeff did an amazing groom for our Goldendoodle Tessa. She is two and a half years old and this is the best groom she has had! So very Happy!

Terease B

Malika C

Kathy M

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