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Dog Grooming for your furry friend of any size!


When you arrive at your dog grooming appointment, we allow your dog to wander around off leash while you talk to our pet groomer. This allows your dog to smell their surroundings and gain an understanding of their bearings. Scent is very important for dogs and allowing them to smell their environment alleviates stress and decreases anxiety before their pet grooming appointment. By doing this, your dog will have a pleasurable pet grooming experience.


At Gulf Beaches Grooming we take pride in taking care of your pet with our dog grooming services. Being cage-free ensures your dog will receive the one-on-one attention you desire. We work by appointments and see your dog as soon as you arrive. Most dog grooming appointments are about 90 minutes. We will schedule a time when you can drop off your dog and pick them up in about an hour and a half.

Packages for Dogs

Dog Grooming

  • Bath

  • Hand Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Glands *

  • Ears

  • Teeth *

  • Clipping and/or scissoring

  • Cologne & Bandana

*Available upon request

Dog Bath

  • Bath

  • Hand Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Glands *

  • Ears

  • Teeth *

  • Cologne & Bandana

*Available upon request

A La Carte


Nail Trim: We use a Dremel tool for dog nail trimming. Nail grinding is a pet friendly way to round off the edges and soften the ends of dog nails. If your dog doesn’t like the Dremel, we can use nail clippers and file the edges.

Glands: This service is provided by request at no extra charge, and is included in our grooming and bath packages.

Fur Dyeing


Adding a pop of color is fun, and dogs want to have fun too!

It doesn’t need to be a special holiday to give your dog a new look.


If you’re celebrating a special occasion or holiday with your furry friend, you may want to add some color to a cool mohawk or the tip of a tail for a little head-turning fun!


Image 10-4-23 at 10.32 AM.jpeg


It’s our goal to provide a pleasant and safe experience for you and your pet. If you haven’t done so already, please have your veterinarian email the vaccination records (or a letter of exemption) to We require updated bordetella, parvo, and rabies for dogs; FVRCP and rabies for cats; and rabies for ferrets. Appointments without vaccination records will be cancelled one week prior.


The bordetella virus is highly contagious and not exclusive to boarding facilities. It can be contracted anywhere dogs have been, including sidewalks, dog parks, and grooming salons. We want all dogs to be safe when they arrive and when they leave.

Gulf Beaches Grooming 

  • Bath - We use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo to clean your dog. We also have hypoallergenic shampoos for specialty skin types; oily skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin and dry skin. Flea baths are available for an additional fee.

  • Hand Blow Dry - We take the time to dry all pets by hand. (We will never cage dry your pet.) Using a hand held force dryer lets your dog know that we care and decreases any stress they may have.

  • Nail Trim - We use a dremel tool to gently round the edges of dog nails. If your dog doesn't like the dremel, we can use nail clippers and then file the edges if needed.

  • Glands * - This service is provided by request at no extra charge, and is included in our grooming and bath packages.

  • Ears - Dog ears are gently cleaned to remove dirt and to help bacteria from growing.

  • Teeth * - By request, teeth brushing is included in our bath and grooming packages.

  • Clipping & Scissor Cut - We clip and/or hand-scissor the coat to breed standard, or to your specifications.

  • Cologne & Bandana - Just before going home, your furry friend is spritzed with a clean scent and given a bandana to go home looking cute and sweet!

*Available upon request


Frequently Asked Questions

“What if my dog’s fur is matted?”

This can be a serious problem for your dog, it can cause discomfort and health problems. We can show you how to prevent matting and take care of your dog’s coat.


Check out our blog: All about the Dangers of Dog Matting!

“What if my dog is itchy?”

Dogs itch for many different reasons. Most dogs benefit from a good bath. We have over 20 specialty dog shampoos to choose from. We find the specific needs of your dog to select the best shampoo.


“Can I stay for the dog grooming appointment?”

We have nothing to hide in our dog grooming area. But, we have found that dogs behave differently when the owner is present. While being groomed, the dog focuses on the owner and makes it difficult for the dog groomer to do a good job. Once the owner leaves, the dog is more submissive and calm. Using sharp scissors is safest when the dog is calm and still.

“What if I can’t pick up or drop off my dog on time for the dog grooming appointment?”

It is important to keep dog grooming appointments on time. Sometimes we have aggressive dogs that cannot be around other dogs. Difficult dogs are scheduled when no other dogs are here. Arriving on time ensures the safety of all dogs by preventing them from being around each other. You may incur additional charges if dogs do not adhere to appointment times.

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