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Cat Grooming

Who in the world grooms a cat? Well, believe it or not, some cats do need to see a groomer. Granted, most cats are self-grooming, but some may need some help from time to time. Professional grooming helps cats with skin problems, matting, and fleas, to name a few. Some owners with cat allergies have used professional grooming for bathing and shaving instead of rehoming their kitties. If you have questions about whether or not your cat needs professional grooming, feel free to give us a call at 727-600-3247. We're happy to answer your questions to determine if professional grooming would be beneficial.

Cats need to be up-to-date with rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. Because we are cage-free, cats need to come in their own carrier.

Cat Grooming Services

Cat grooming is one of three basic services: cat bath, lion shave, or a full groom (bath and shave). But every cat is different and we customize our services to meet the needs of you and your cat.agraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Cat Bath

We use a hypoallergenic shampoo made by iGroom, which is considered some of the best shampoos in the industry. They are phthalate and sulfate free and do not leave anything on the coat. They help exfoliate and clean the coat so your cat stays clean for a long time. It is gentle and effective at keeping the coat healthy and clean.

Hand Blow Dry

Being cage-free means that we dry each cat by hand. (We will never cage-dry your cat.) We use K-9 II force dryers to quickly and safely dry your cat. In the rare cases when a cat is overly stressed by drying, we immediately stop and love on the cat until he or she is calm enough to be dried. We will always prioritize the health and wellness of the cat.

Nail Trim

Nail trims are included in cat bath and grooming appointments. We can also perform cat nail trims as a walk-in a la carte service.

Ear Cleaning

Cats are prone to ear mites and other health issues. All cats have the inside of the ears cleaned with a veterinary-grade Zymox solution. Some cats may need more cleaning, depending on the condition and health of the ear canal. 

Paw Trim

Long haired cats are prone to "grinch feet" that cause them to slip when they walk. A paw trim consists of trimming the fur around the paws and around the paw pads.​ A cat paw trim can be performed a la carte or part of a grooming appointment.

Sanitary Trim

Shaving the sanitary area helps keep a cat clean and healthy. A cat sanitary trim can be performed a la carte or part of a grooming appointment.

Lion Shave

A traditional lion cut shaves the fur to a very short length from the mane across the body. The belly, legs, sanitary, and tail are also shaved to a very short length. Every cat is unique and has a different coat and body type. At your appointment, you can explain exactly what you are looking for. Our groomers can groom a full lion trim, or one tailored to meet your wishes. 

Dinosaur Shave

Adventurous cat owners can have some fun with a dinosaur shave. It's just like a lion shave but with a full-body mohawk with stegosaurus cut-ins.

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