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A la Carte

The services listed below are either walk-in services, or performed in addition to the appointment.

A la Carte

Fur Dye

What a fun way to add a pop of color to the tail, ears, or mohawk! We use animal-safe fur dye to color the fur in a small area to express your doggy style! Fur dye is performed as an add-on service to the appointment.

Nail Trim

Most dogs will have their nails trimmed with a Dremel tool. We have found this to be a safe method of rounding off the nails to prevent them from scratching their owners. In the rare cases when a dog is overly stress by the Dremel, we can use a clipper. We will always prioritize the health and wellness of the dog. Nail trims (for dogs and cats) can be performed as a walk-in service, no appointment necessary.


Anal gland expression is something a dog should do naturally. But sometimes this is not the case. We can express the glands as a walk-in service, no appointment necessary.

Flea Bath

We use Adams Flea Shampoo when we find fleas during your pet's appointment. This is an add-on service.


Curly coated dogs are prone to matting. Keeping a coat free of mats is vital to the health of the skin and coat. There are many dangers in a matted coat: 

  • Mats pull on the skin and are be painful, leading to hot spots

  • Bacteria and bugs hide inside mats

  • Contributes to skin infections

  • Prevents normal function of the coat to heat and cool the dog

Some mats can be brushed out, but most cannot. To prevent matting, it is important to brush your curly-coated dog everyday. If you are unable to brush daily, a shorter trim is recommended.

If we are able to demat a dog (without causing pain), it is done at an additional charge.

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