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Dog Bath Package

Dog bath packages are performed by appointment and last about 30-45 minutes, depending on the breed, condition of the coat, and temperament. At your appointment time, you will be able to talk directly with the groomer to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Dogs need to be up-to-date with rabies and bordetella vaccinations. Because we are cage-free, we do not accept intact adult males.

Dog Bath Package


We use a variety of iGroom shampoos, which are considered some of the best shampoos in the industry. They are phthalate and sulfate free and do not leave anything on the coat. They help exfoliate and clean the coat so your pup stays clean for a long time. 

Hand Blow Dry

Being cage-free means that we dry each dog by hand. (We will never cage-dry your dog.) We use K-9 II force dryers to quickly and safely dry your dog. In the rare cases when a dog is overly stressed by drying, we immediately stop and love on the dog until he or she is calm enough to be dried. We will always prioritize the health and wellness of the dog.

Nail Trim

Most dogs will have their nails trimmed with a Dremel tool. We have found this to be a safe method of rounding off the nails to prevent them from scratching their owners. In the rare cases when a dog is overly stress by the Dremel, we can use a clipper. We will always prioritize the health and wellness of the dog.

Glands (by request)

Anal gland expression is something a dog should do naturally. But sometimes this is not the case. We can express the glands as part of the bath package, by request.

Ear Cleaning

Dogs are prone to ear infections and other health issues. Ear cleaning is performed in different ways. All dogs have the inside of the ears cleaned with a veterinary-grade Zymox solution. Some dogs may need more cleaning, depending on the condition and health of the ear canal. While other dogs may need ear hair pulled to prevent infections from setting in. You may address your concerns with your groomer at your next appointment.

Teeth Brushing

Just like humans, dogs need their teeth brushed regularly. But if you have ever attempted to brush your dogs teeth, you may quickly learn this is much easier said than done. If you need some assistance, we are happy to include teeth brushing in your dog's next appointment. We are also happy to offer advice on how you can do this at home.

Cologne and Bandana

What a great way to finish the bath package with some nice fragrance and a cute bandana to keep your dog smelling clean and looking great for weeks to come!

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